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Mediterranean & Lebanese Cuisine

319 Fairhope Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

(251) 517-7536
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"Experience a restaurant with a unique and surprising blend of traditional and new Mediterranean & Lebanese cuisine flavors offered with a modern creative approach."

Truly Authentic Mediterranean & Lebanese Restaurant

We blend recipes passed through generations with a creative modern approach that only enhances our dishes.

We blend recipes passed through generations with a creative modern approach that only enhances our dishes. We have what we believe is the highest standard to see if our clients like and appreciate our food: We need not only to delight them, but we also need to surprise them, to WOW them!

Our satisfaction is to see them come to the kitchen to thank us, to return over and over, to see that we can offer them a really special culinary experience. For instance, a client that is from another state returned to Fairhope for a couple of days and he called us in advance to order what could be called a "bucket of Hummus"... Having eaten Mediterranean food for many years, he says, this is the best hummus I have ever eaten anywhere.

To achieve this level of balance of flavors and perfection in our dishes is not easy, it's an ability that comes from many sources. First are the cultural influences since 5 years old while helping my grandmother in the kitchen preparing the most traditional Mediterranean and Lebanese food, as well as my wife's Latin American roots and pastry studies including Lebanese cuisine, in Lebanon.

Second is the experience of preparing traditional Mediterranean and Lebanese dishes for years at home; experiment and innovate variations and new dishes constantly. Food has always been a fundamental part of our lives.

And third is our true care for effort to create the highest quality food possible. We really mean it, and we really strive to offer the very best that can be made - we just could not do it in any other way.

Our Dishes

We offer from light delicious appetizers to sophisticate entrées, and of course special dishes for kids.

Typically when clients arrive they ask for a variety of appetizers resulting in a beautiful table full of delicious and varied food! Not only they are delicious, they are healthy. Besides the traditional Hummus, popular appetizers are the Hummus Trio, Meza Mixer, Baba Ghanoujj and Tabouli. You are invited to try them all!

"Fast" Food
Our menu also includes a variety of what could be seen as Fast Food, but healthy and prepared at a cuisine level. The only "fast" factor is that they don't take much time to prepare. The most popular ones are the wraps, prepared with high quality steak meat (and vegetables), which come with delicate and complex sauces such as our Shawarma. As an anecdote, my father in law, who is a connoisseur of Lebanese and Mediterranean food from different countries came to visit us, tried a wrap and asked exactly the same wrap every single day he stayed in Fairhope.

Then we have the Entrées, which are delicate dishes prepared carefully to perfection resulting in a complex and subtle balance of flavors. The most typical among them are the Kebabs, and the Lamb Chops, as well as the American influenced NYC Style Chicken over rice.

Desserts play a fundamental role on a Mediterranean meal, with Baklava and Kinafeh being the most traditional, and popular. As an example of our creativity and innovation in cuisine, we created the "Sweet Cheese Baklava", a delicious and surprising combination of ingredients and recipes from Baklavas and Cheesecakes. A must try if you have a sweet taste!